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Discussion in 'Riding Gear' started by infidel, Feb 9, 2014.

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    Hey all,

    I want the most solid, and protective boot that I can actually be comfortable in. I have the bright idea to try a pair of Sidi Crossfire or Crossfire 2's. I know, I's an adventure or dirt boot.

    I've tried this subject in another forum, and all I got were generalizations. I just heard about how ALL offroad boots are stiff, heavy, and bulky. I think if a company could design a dirt boot that solves these issues, it would be Sidi. I'd like to hear from someone who has ACTUAL RIDING EXPERIENCE with these specific boots, please. I know that a Busa forum is bound to have less experience with dirt boots, but a lot of us ride offroad also.

    And if that's a no-go, does anyone know a place in the PNW that would have a pair to test drive???


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    The Sidi Crossfire is built for hard-core dirt riding, not for track riding. Their stiff sole can make it tough to ride on any bike with rear sets. If you want a Sidi boot that would be a good match for the Alpinestars Atem Suit, I would suggest the Vortice or the Vertigo boots.
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    I exchanged my Sidi Crossfire boots that I ride on my DR650 for Sidi' Adventure Rain boots, even on the DR they're stiff enough that my ankle sometimes has limited enough range of motion to shift gears, and they're not as stitff as the crossfires. I returned in the Crossfires for the shifting problems, I think I'll keep the Adventure Rain boots though. Also, the soles are much thicker than my Sidi Vertebra boots (from 2001 - I need an upgrade...) to the extent that between the thickness of the sole and the stiffness of the ankle, I cannot get my foot fully under the gear shift on my 'Busa (2014 - just rolled 180 miles on it yesterday!).

    I absolutely do not ride with my offroad boots on my 'Busa, it's a safety issue. If I wreck, I may have more protection, but I'm also more likely to wreck if I wear them!
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    Even though this is an old thread i'll reply since its such an unusual situation. I do wear SIDI crossfires as my daily boot. I can even wear it with my Dainese Aero C2 racing suit without taking the sliders off. Few drawbacks. It does take some time to break in. I just walked a mile in em and that broke them in good, you will walk like a robot in that mile though. I have no problem shifting or downshifting with them. You will have to adjust your shifting linkage to make them slide under. Now they do squeak, especially when new. I had mine now for about 3 years. Wouldn't ride without them. Now I weigh 200Lbs so for someone lighter the strength necessary to operate to boot efficiently may vary. You have to break them in. Otherwise they will be stupidly stiff. Cool note, steel tips make for a great sparks when dragging your toes hahaha

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