Shorty tips?

Discussion in 'Busa Mods' started by stonedpirate, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. stonedpirate

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    I like the look of shortys but dont know enough about them.

    Do you need to weld the hedman tips on? Or is there another way?

    Also, i hear people saying that shortys backfire, pop and crackle.

    Does the marble mod fix all these problems? Or is that for some other issue?

    I dont mind a slight performance loss, but will running short pipes damage my engine?

  2. karnage

    karnage Registered

    I have a shorty on my 4 into 1 and it doesnt pop or backfire at all.Its super loud also and the builder of these claims the needed backpressure is still there.Did I mention that its loud??I may be selling mine if and when I get a brocks shorty meg.

    MOCKIN U Registered

    Search youtube for hayabusa hedman tips. There is a vid i put up of open headers vs hedman tips. They are loud but i am used to them.
  4. karnage

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    I like mine.Lost a little low end but the bucking went away at low speeds.Check out ebay for these.I think he goes by badbusa and he makes 3-4 diferent tips with baffels.
  5. padenbrown

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    i bought some, but ended up just choppin the midpipes cause i live 60 miles away from an autozone so i couldnt get any clamps, got a brocks alienhead now, so waste of money buying them for myself
  6. karnage

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    I am looking to get a brocks myself.
  7. padenbrown

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    when i chopped my midpipes i didnt get any backfire exept when my bike would die downshifting (idle too low) and id pop the clutch and it would kinda backfire, just a little pop,the hedman tips look the same as the inside of the midpipes, fiberglass packing, all you need to put them on is some 2 inch to 1 3/4 exhaust adapters ( i believe thats the measurments, and some exhaust u bolts, like i said i didnt use mine so couldnt say exactly, you might be able to use factory clamps, if you want a set pm me, mine are new out of box ( cause i took em out and threw the boxes away to save room in storage)

    havent installed my brocks a.h. yet cause i dont get back from this deployment till december :( but im sure lookin forward to it!

    DEMMYM Donating Member Registered

    Hedman tips look and sound great, You can get them from Summit Racing website and the clamps that will work with them. Very Very inexpensive.

    DEMMYM Donating Member Registered

    Heres a look at them


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  10. methyman

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  11. busa_chris

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    What kind of clamps did you get, I got the tips, just no idea what kind of clamps. I got a reducer that won't work at all. Any help would be appreciated
  12. pabs

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    I love my voodoo's. And if they are to loud you can get quiet baffled for them. Mine backfired a little with hard down shifting. I just did the pair valve mod but haven't got to ride it yet. The voodoo's are loud but have the sweetest rumble.
  13. sanket_420

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    I think I might just go with these for now until I can afford a full alienhead. I was going to go with hotbodies megaphone but for $24 a pop on these I dont think I can go wrong. Also once I take the mid pipes off what size clams would I need and where would I be able to find them. thx in advance fellas.
  14. GoldenChild

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    $24 a pop run to auto part store and get for $24 for pair.. your gonna take them off down the road that's $24 towrds your full system..
  15. sanket_420

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    very true. Im goign to call Ball Z again today see if they got the brocks in stock. They gave me real good price on the full alienhead stainless steel for $950 but didnt have any in stock. Even at the $950 price Im stretching more then I have but at the regular price of $1100 everywhere else I just cant stretch any more and decided to go with tips for now.

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