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    so a while back when i added the ext swing arm to my bike, and then tried to get the tire on.. well, it was pretty much a huge pain in the butt because the rear wheel would be up against the handle and id have to "juggle" the swingarm to get the tire in there. so i was wondering what yall with ext swing arms are doing/using. i thought about getting a rear stand and cutting the bottom/sides and welding a 4" tube. so basically its 4 inchs longer and this was it will "work" anyone tried this?
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    my stand uses paddle like feet that lift using the swingarm or extensions instead of spools. Some

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    Motoboss stands.
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    I have an extended swingarm and I got the $89.95 (plus S&H) for BOTH stands deal from

    They work fine.

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    those look like they would work alot better then the others i have seen. most have the handle go at like a45* angle where those are lower. ill have to get those [​IMG]
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    They are great, just put a drop of oil on the pin when you put them together so it will rotate smoothly when you raise it.
    Don't forget to put your kickstand down, BEFORE you take your bike off of them.... [​IMG]

    They make oiling your chain a breeze too.

    You will like them, they are very sturdy.
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    As long as your arm has spools....
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    I just changed the front tire and the axle bolt was tight; no problem taking it off, or putting it back on, they worked like a dream.
    It's back together now and ready to hit the streets.
    I like the dual wheels, they automatically balance the arm out, and do not try to twist or anything, like a single wheel might.
    The price is good too, $89.95 for BOTH, I have seen higher prices for just one.

    On a side note; I had to make a tool to take the axle apart. I used a 5/8" bolt and nut, which has a 15/16" head.(that happens to be the same size of the hex "hole" in the axle)
    I welded the nut to the bolt and insert the bolt head into the hex end of the axle. I use a 15/16" socket on the nut and it works so easy.
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    Do you have any stands that fit a 300 without spools?

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