Ordered some new shorty boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear' started by Rothman, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Rothman

    Rothman "Professional Lurker" Registered

    I have been wanting some shorty boots for my daily ride to and from work so I did some research and found these...

    MASEI MOTORCYCLE 101 BOOT SHOE White size 45 46 47 | eBay

    I was really diggin the Thor 50/50 boots as well but they don't offer much protection. These are Chinese knockoffs of the Sidi streetburner, down to the detail even the name streetburner. Hopefully they are worth a darn but for less than half the price of the sidi, I figured I'd give em a shot. I'll give some feedback when they come in, apparently that will be a month or so :(

    BTW, I have full length boots for the spirited rides. These are just for my commute.
  2. frisbee

    frisbee GODSPEED RACING Donating Member

    Sidi knockoffs ! Not bad if they are built good enough . let us know when you get them
  3. kromdom

    kromdom wannabe HOON Donating Member

  4. Rothman

    Rothman "Professional Lurker" Registered

    I already ordered. Got mine for buy it now $99 and free shipping. Not bad, in my opinion (guess we'll really see when they get here). I saw those Alpines but I really wanted a set without laces.
  5. Rothman

    Rothman "Professional Lurker" Registered

    The Sidi...


    Versus the Masei....

  6. Konad

    Konad Registered

    Maybe its my imagination but the Sidi's seem to be a little sleeker and slimmer (sexier). I'm anxious to see how they look when they show up. Keep us informed.
  7. Rothman

    Rothman "Professional Lurker" Registered

    Okay, just got my boots or at least, I just got home from a trip and my boots were here. I am truly blown away by how nice these things are. Totaly sharp looking. Everything seems to be very well built and made of quality material with the exception of the ratchet system and the vents.
    The ratchet system is my only real concern with them. It's a pretty small system and I'm not sure if the internals are metal or not. Also, the release lever sticks out a bit far (just a cosmetic thing not a function issue) I guess only time will tell whether or not the ratchets will hold up.
    The vents are a bit on the cheaper side. Imagine a $50 helmets slide vents, yup... that's it. Not a big deal though as they are functional.
    They have a reinforced toe box just like the Sidi's. It has a decent insole and the lining is mesh like the Sidi's as well. They are true to size, I wear a 12 so I ordered a 47 and they are a perfect 12-1/2. To me they seem a bit narrow but, I have incredibly wide, flat feet. I wouldn't say that their uncofortably narrow though. They are fairly comfortable, I guess as comfortable as could be expected from a boot that's designed to be somewhat rigid around the ankle for support.
    I have not ridden with them yet but, I'll probably give them a spin tomorrow or Sunday and report back. As of right now, I would not hesitate in the least to buy another pair.

    Here are a few pics....

    GNBRETT Registered

    the Sidi's look like something robocop would wear. just too much goin on with those.
  9. Stevie Ray Charles

    Stevie Ray Charles A Grown Ass Man! Registered

    Wish I had a good reason to buy boots... I wear Catapillers which are sturdy plus inexpensive. I tried racing boots and it felt like my feet were in a girdle and have been taking hostage, dnt even want to talk about the cramping. Guess thats what i get from having WIDE feet. I also tried the Icon Field Armor Boots- complete garbage! Couldn't shift or downshift in those. Nice set of commuters though
  10. BusaRider_SG

    BusaRider_SG Registered

    Thats a good site. And it ships worldwide. Thanks man!
  11. goalie31

    goalie31 Registered

    Those things look just like my Sidi's. Mine don't have the chrome heal guards, they're black. I think they look less gaudy. I picked them up for less than $200 at the new bike show. Hopefully the knock off's won't fall apart.
  12. lonner

    lonner Registered

    i have the sidi short boot in black and there the best boot ever and as for knock off's on protection well its your feet and they wont be same quality as the sids

    but better to wear a boot than a trainer whatever boot it is:thumbsup:
  13. Rothman

    Rothman "Professional Lurker" Registered

    Took my first ride in these this morning. They're more comfortable than I originaly thought. Very good feel of the pegs through the soles. I think once I have more time in them and they break in a bit more, they are going to be perfect. Really cranked the ratchet down to see how she would hold up, far too tight for comfort, and they held up just fine. So far so great!
  14. lonner

    lonner Registered

    they are narrow like the sids are.
    i walked the dog in mine a few times as they were so solid and tight at first, but after a few walks and rides etc they are a great fit now and a pleasure to ride in as you dont have the bulk of a boot and ankle is more free so not a tiring when doing lots of gear changes.

    plus you can walk aroud like you got shoes on :thumbsup:
  15. Rothman

    Rothman "Professional Lurker" Registered

    Quick update:

    I have been riding in these for a little while now and they are breaking in amazingly well. They are holding up quite nicely besides one of the screws that hols the heel bumper on that I stripped out. They are very comfortable. I almost don't want to ride without these ones in particular anymore. I love these things. I was riding for about 6 hours today and they were great. The vents actually work quite well. Parts on these are interchangeable to actual sidi parts too, checked with a fellow riders boots. All materials look exact to that used on real sidis. The only thing I noticed, since I did quite a bit of walking around in them today as well, is that since my feet are wide my pinkie toe rubs the backside of the screw where the toe slider mounts. Not bad mind you, just something I noticed. I would not suggest walking for hours in these for that reason alone.
  16. Rothman

    Rothman "Professional Lurker" Registered

    Quick update2:

    I still love these things. Quite a bit of riding in them at this point. They are holding up quite nicely with the exception of the sole. The sole seems to be wearing away more quickly than I would have expected. The only real walking I do in them is from my bike into work and back (not far). The ratchets are still working very well to my surprise. At this point, were they to be stolen, I would buy another pair in a heart beat.
  17. Rothman

    Rothman "Professional Lurker" Registered

    Another update:

    I broke one of the ratchets today.... It was tight but I wanted that extra click or two, apparently I was turning it the wrong direction and SNAP! The pawl and release lever broke off. When I get home I will see if there is any hope of repair but from a quick glance, I'm fairly sure that their trashed. If that's the case, I'll contact Masei directly to try and get replacement parts. It really sucked riding into work without these things.

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