Looking for Dyno Tuner in Sacramento

Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by Shinobi'sZ, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Shinobi'sZ

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    Adding a full system and probably a small air box mod...anybody know of a tuner in Sacramento (area)?

    Also do I need to have a Power Commander, if so then which one for a 99' Busa?

    If they have an ECU editor can they just use that? or do I need a PC?

  2. StrtRac3r

    StrtRac3r Registered

    i live in sac, not sure about any motorcycle dyno tuners.
  3. StrtRac3r

    StrtRac3r Registered

  4. StrtRac3r

    StrtRac3r Registered

    says they have a package, power commander 5 + intall + custom map for $595

    not sure the the commander 5 works on your bike, someone else will have to chime in about that
  5. Shinobi'sZ

    Shinobi'sZ Registered

    Thanks for the info!
  6. Pardini

    Pardini Donating Member

    There are 1/2 a dozen around Sac. Go to the Power Commander site a search for tuning centers by zip code.
  7. BigBoyperformance

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    If you need you Bike tuned in the Sacramento Area, Come to Big Boy Performance 541 Haggin Ave Sacramento 916-333-3851

    Anyone can buy a Dyno. Are they certified to tune your bike.

    We are a Power Commander Certified Tuning Center.
    If you have a Harley we can also tune your race tuner.
    If you have any questions please call. I will try to answer all your questions.
    Its always good to check your bike just to make sure the AF is correct on your bike.
    A Diagnostic is just $40. This will diagnose if your bike is running lean or rich.

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