Looking for a good price on a Spanner wrench

Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by brandont70, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. brandont70

    brandont70 Registered

    Looking for a Motion Pro spanner wrench for my rear shock adjustment on a Hayabusa. Here is a picture. Found it on other sites, but sure that a sponsor has it for a better price.

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  2. omslaw

    omslaw Michelle owns my Busa Staff Member Administrator

    I just used a drift punch and a hammer. You could even adjust the shock with a large, flat-blade screwdriver and a hammer...
  3. brandont70

    brandont70 Registered

    Yeah, done that before. Why do it when you can buy the tool and do it right though. Gonna get the tool to cut time, and don't like beating on my bike.
  4. mike1180

    mike1180 Banned

    Anyone ever use one of these tools when the shock was on the bike?

    I looked at it when I did mine and wondered how the heck it would fit in there and still be able to be turned.
    I used a brass punch and hammer and it didn’t even leave a mark.
  5. Tufbusa

    Tufbusa Track Coach / TufPoodle Coach Registered

    I thought about getting a wrench and bending it so it would work on the bike. The stock wrench is pretty tough to use without modifying it.

    Keep us posted on how well it works for you!
  6. brandont70

    brandont70 Registered

  7. brandont70

    brandont70 Registered

  8. slngshott

    slngshott Registered

    I used one that I modified to fit.Worked pretty good.


    Wow I USE THOSE @ WORK TO CONNECT+disconect fuel delivery line from gas storage tanks 2 my bulk truck.I THINK MINE ARE BIGGER THAN THAT.
  10. dadofthree

    dadofthree Seasoned Beef Donating Member

    One comes with the bike. You probably have a good drift punch in the garage. Don't have a price for you. I was a lot of help wasn't I :laugh:
  11. chrisjp

    chrisjp GM of Haya's in the Hills Donating Member

    i used a long screw driver and a hammer... easy adjust no nicks even on the rings... relax just dont have to swing hard at all ..light tapps


    O-if it comes in bike tool kit ones I USE 2 work are way bigger.
  13. GoldenChild

    GoldenChild DID HE REALLY SAY THAT? Donating Member

    I have one in stock but shipping will up price if you can get it local.

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