Lets see all the pimped out Busa's

Discussion in 'Busa Mods' started by kaybusa, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. kaybusa

    kaybusa Registered

    I dont think i've posted pics of mine since i put the single sided 360 on.

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  2. kaybusa

    kaybusa Registered

    more pics

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  3. kaybusa

    kaybusa Registered

    Ive got to find some way to light that back wheel. i guess i have to wire lights to the swingarm side and let it shine through. i already have the green valve stem lights.
  4. Djxtrodinaire

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    VANNWRAY Registered

    Looks like a ton of time invested not to mention $$$$$ Did you build it yourself ? :thumbsup:
  6. BMW5

    BMW5 Registered

    Looks good bro!!
  7. Commuta_Busa

    Commuta_Busa Donating Member

    looks good. :thumbsup: sorry but mine's not pimped :laugh:
  8. Bowdoc

    Bowdoc Registered

    Looking good but i and going to get you in DC bike show.. ROFL
  9. jeff355

    jeff355 Donating Member Registered

    Thats nice man ! Good job on the bike.::6
  10. Merlot

    Merlot Donating Member

    A beauitful green indeed.Nice work there:thumbsup:
  11. 2fast4u2c

    2fast4u2c Site Sponsor


    My baby.
  12. Hellboy

    Hellboy Registered

  13. Kounsy

    Kounsy Registered

    here's mine but its not done yet.... still debating 240 or 300 and wheels but the paint is done.

  14. m_ridgeway

    m_ridgeway pipeline trash Donating Member

    mines not pimped, but im a pic hoe. so here ya go.

    shes getting a set of RC wheels in the near future.


  15. Takeuon

    Takeuon Registered

    Impressive show bike! Single sided 360 is no joke! Does the pic of it on the trailer sum it up or is she rideable? I see you have the Gixxer for the twisties :laugh:
  16. DEMMYM

    DEMMYM Donating Member Registered

    Well she's not as pimped as yours, But I will say Misty is at least pim.


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  17. Merlot

    Merlot Donating Member

    Nice clean shining red:thumbsup:
  18. fiend

    fiend Formerly fiend44444 Donating Member

    Not pimped out but it is almost done the way I want it to be.

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  19. BigRod1300

    BigRod1300 Registered

    Looks good with the 360.

    Here is mine...you asked:whistle: pics still in the works. 1st pic missing the fender and the 2nd pic missing the wastedump.

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    BUSANAS Registered

    NICCCCEEE dude.

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