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  1. biglubusa1

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  2. Ranger

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  3. S-R Racing

    S-R Racing Registered

    Sweet curves:thumbsup:
  4. aussiekeeper

    aussiekeeper Registered

    Photo shoot of the MILF, I wanted to see the bike..............oh well.
  5. gunmetalbusa

    gunmetalbusa Registered

  6. biglubusa1

    biglubusa1 Registered

    guys.....try to pay more attention to the bike not the dog or the fact that their having a photo shoot at a factory.(or behind a supermarket):laugh:
  7. boazalmighty

    boazalmighty Purple Rain - Dino Donating Member

    both the busa & the chick had a weggy
  8. mike1180

    mike1180 Banned

    Nice rear hump on that... er :thumbsup:
  9. proud dad

    proud dad Registered

    Bubbles looked like she needed help adjusting herself.
  10. B@DA$$08BUS@

    B@DA$$08BUS@ Donating Member

    Nice bike and nice broad. I'm not real sure which was hotter. I better watch it again hehehe.
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  11. dadofthree

    dadofthree Seasoned Beef Donating Member

    Did you guys see that Alien Head :drool: Brocks Performance :thumbsup:
  12. gtrpimp76

    gtrpimp76 S.Q.U.I.D. Extraordinaire Donating Member

    I love NSFW Busa vidz. Someone said there was a girl in the vid? :thumbsup:
  13. trekfuel

    trekfuel Registered

    thanks for sharing..... Love the curves:thumbsup:
  14. Charlie Dont Surf

    Charlie Dont Surf Registered

    That video had to have been shot in Tampa in a business park off Benjamin - I work in the same area and have yet to run across Bambi and her Busa.
  15. BigRod1300

    BigRod1300 Registered

    That was a shoot for the calander they made. They had the Lambobusa and the lady up at Clutch Control this year:laugh: NICE.
  16. bazooki

    bazooki Registered

    Just one question....what was it that makes that bike a LAMBObusa? Is it the colour or the sticker on the front or maybe the two huge airbags?:whistle:

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