HMF dual high mount install 25 hours later

Discussion in 'Busa Mods' started by lambretta man, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. lambretta man

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    Well folks, I did it. I have joined the elite group of Busa owners who have installed HMF dual high mounts successfully without damaging the bike or burning any of my body panels. The process was involved and labor intensive spread out over the period of 5 days, the last two of which, involved working on the bike until 3am just so I could ride Sunday. My wife didn't even get mad. She helped! I sold the Corbin hard luggage and Yosh slip ons (did nothing for performance) and bought the HMF high mounts. After loading up a generic map from Dynojet I can't believe the difference! Amazing how smooth it is around town.
    This install was challenging and I feel like I accomplished something. I'm posting some pics of the install and the ride Sunday morning after staying up till 3am. We took a ride up Highway 70 (Butte County California) today. I was stressing about burning body panels but NO!! Not to worry, the spacers and heat shield worked perfectly. Thanks for the advice 2QUICK. I called him a few times for some guidance. I'm pretty stoked about the generosity and willingness to help I find here on the board. Thanks everyone!!
    A couple pics from the frustrating install and some of the finished product and ride the next morning.

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  2. 2quik

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    Looks great ,,,Enjoy ,glad i could help......
  3. BusaWhipped

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  4. Dr E

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    Awesome looking install. I see you also have two attentive assistants who were there to over see the work! Looks great::6::6::6::6
  5. nitrousjunkie

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  6. Devil Dog

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    well worth the hard work. Looks fantastic.
  7. Mr Bogus

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    might have saved some time leaving all the stuff on up front.. (but does make access nice).. That is a nice sounding pipe for sure.... (I would avoid backing up to two women at bash and ripping the throttle however, they get a bit peeved ey Colin?) :rofl:

    How do you like the sound?
  8. semi

    semi Whoooosh! Moderator

    congrats, they are worth the time and effort ::4
  9. BA BUSA

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  10. semi

    semi Whoooosh! Moderator

    who me? i don't have any idea what you are talking about ::25 i only blipped the throttle, ripping it will actually cause hearing damage back there :laugh:
  11. Evil_keeps_me_young

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  12. mike1180

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    Nice job! :thumbsup:
  13. TurboSN95

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    Looks awesome!
  14. pbghost

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    hopefully someday I'll get a system like that, to me it's the best looking one out there:thumbsup: looks great on yours::4
  15. lambretta man

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    Thanks guys. I'm stoked. They do sound GREAT too. My Labs approved!
  16. Kento-Moto

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    Yeah Baby!!! ::4

    Now when we gonna go riding again? ???
  17. BigDiesel

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    congrats man-yeah that system is a M.F'r to install, but WHOOOOOOO do they sound GOOD once they're on!::6
    Love'd mine too-greatest sound at mid-throttle as you start to open'er up...which Im sure you'll be doin ALOT now:whistle:
    have fun n be safe man:thumbsup:
  18. BigBSBusa

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    That looks great! ::4
  19. macon454

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  20. limitedbusa

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    are those cans carbon or black ?::4

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