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  1. ditchdr

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    Anyhow sitting at home feeling bumed about not having a job. I get a phone call from my dad. He wants me to come talk to him. The family is having problems with one of my sisters and he wants my opinion on it..

    Anyhow, I meet him at the Aero Club and we go for a little flight( dad owns a plane) so here are a few pics from the hour flight. For those of you who have been here you will know what you looking at. For those who have not well, its just pretty pics lol.

    First we have a few shots of the Cooper River Bridge. If you look at the first bridge pic on pic side of the bridge you will see the USS York Town. As well at Patriots Point boat harbor


    Next is the Morris Island Light house. It may not look like a island right now, but when the tide is low, it is a big party spot. On any given weekend you will find 50 to 100 boats all tied together having a blast

    Next we have the Folly Pier.. It is a pretty cool place ot go fishing, or just hang out or do what ever.

    Next few are of Kiawah and Sea Brook Islands. This is where the richest of the rich live. You cant ever get a 2 bedrrom condo on the inland side of the island for less then 700K. If you ask me its a waste of money.


    On the way back in we flew over the Harbor

    First we have Fort Sumpter

    And the last one I am gonna post. Down Town Charleston, on the Peninsula or also knon as The Battery.

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  2. MrsGrumpy

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    Awesome shots! Can't wait til Dave and I come for a visit!:thumbsup:
  3. ditchdr

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    Come on. Dad loves to take people out on the plane. It only seats 4 so if you 2 and the little one come I will stay behind. You will really enjoy it.
  4. MrsGrumpy

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    Well, Anastasia would love it, but Dave might not. He can't ride in the back of a car. Not sure how he'd do in a small plane. So we'll leave him behind with Jessica. :rofl:
  5. Fastfrog007

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    Sign me up for the tour as well.:laugh: Great pics, looks like a Beautiful area:thumbsup:
  6. mike1180

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    Nice! Thanks! :thumbsup:
  7. macon454

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    :thumbsup: Thanks for the pics
  8. Busamomingrief

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    Great pics, Hey, hope things work out for the family. ;)
  9. J'Man

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    Nice pics, thanks! I love Charleston. I took my wife there last September for our anniversary. We stayed at Wentworth Mansion for the weekend. That place is so awesome and has it's own cool restaurant (I think it was called Circa 1886 or something like that) and spa. It was expensive, but well worth it! ::4

    PADEROLIS Registered

    That is really cool; thank you, and I hope things work out with your sister!!
  11. Evil_keeps_me_young

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  12. ditchdr

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    The Wentworth Mansion is very nice. I have never stayed there but growing up here i have been many times.. If your into history this is the place to be. We got some old stuf, and I not talking about our law makers either lol..

    At any time if anyone wants to come for a visit let me know. I will give you a real tour of the city.. None of this BS about so and os lived here buring this time, or this is where that happened.. I am talking real stuff, like, the tunnels under the city where the salves ran, the plantation houses all over, not just the ones you read about, all the girls dorms at College of Charleston, you know the cool stuf.:whistle:
  13. pbghost

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    ::6awesome pics! hope the family stuff sorts itself out
  14. Katslair

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    Awesome pics. I couldn't imagine touring the tunnels! I bet they're a trip!
  15. chrisjp

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    awww man i havent been up since 92 and i miss going flying... still got my license just havent been up.

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