Ammonia effect on plastic

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  1. jeremy_283

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    I noticed tapeworks recommended using window cleaner with ammonia in it to prep the surface for the decals. Does ammonia cause stuff to streak? Like the finish on the paint? or what about the plastic windshield?
  2. Fastfrog007

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    I always heard ammonia is not good on bikes...
  3. DCar

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    ammonia will take the polorization off anything, so if its on your bike shield or helmet shields dont get it on them. it shouldn't hurt the paint at all because of the clear coat.
  4. afterhours

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    amonia should remove all waxes and polishes on the surface...

    so if you spray it on then wipe it off, the surface may appear dull. The amonia based cleaner has not stained the paint, it has just removed the wax and polish.
  5. AJAY

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    This is exactly correct. Ammonia will strip any oils and waxes, leaving a good surface for applying new decals and stickers. You should be fine on a painted surface, but if you are really worried, wipe with a little water after to remove the ammonia residue.

    Ammonia is very hard on certain plastics, especially acrylics, like windscreens and helmet face shields. It will leave crazing - small cracks that affect the clarity of the plastic and weaken it. But it should be fine on paint.
  6. trekfuel

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    I use this one on wind screen and helmet shields

    ammonia free

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