A-TECH and Magical Racing Carbon Fiber

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  1. StreetnTrack

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    The Magical Racing Carbon fiber weave pattern is about the same as ATECH. But the Magical Racing twill carbon has a little bigger weave then them both. The inner fairing is twill carbon and the GSXR style fender is regular carbon and the frame covers are from ATECH. I haven't seen carbon no better then these 2 companies. :thumbsup:

    Atech weave and Magical weave in carbon


    Magical twill weave and Atech weave

    Very nice carbon
  2. macon454

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  3. jjbusa

    jjbusa Donating Member

    nice how much for the inners?
  4. 4HSMEN

    4HSMEN Registered

    Inners for an 08?? $?
  5. fast50ranger

    fast50ranger Donating Member

    How much?
  6. StreetnTrack

    StreetnTrack Donating Member

    inner fairings

    08 $575 carbon $595 twill and they come with the dash panel also
    Gen 1 $395 carbon $415 twill
  7. FastBusa

    FastBusa Donating Member

    How much for the Gen 1 frame covers.
  8. StreetnTrack

    StreetnTrack Donating Member

    Full length carbon covers $385

  9. Spudley

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    Don't show GoFaster (John)...........
  10. GoFaster

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    No need. You already sent me the link... :laugh:

    Very nice stuff! :thumbsup:

    Bad timing for me $$$ :banghead:
  11. S-R Racing

    S-R Racing Registered

    Prime Stuff-:thumbsup:
  12. turbobusa2000

    turbobusa2000 Registered

    I'm sure there is something I can sell to come up with cash. :please:
  13. StreetnTrack

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  14. gabelbrucken

    gabelbrucken Registered

    A-tech ships worldwide????
    Magica Racing has all that I want for my Busa...But A-Tech only have some interesting stuff for my Zx12r...
  15. Rumble Ripper

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  16. chrisjp

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    sweet looking
  17. raydog

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    I'm so glad that I bought my fender from Charles....I get constant complements! Doyle

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  18. twotonevert

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    Uh oh, oh Demmym............lookie!
  19. teamorion22

    teamorion22 Registered

    cool stuff ::4

    i love those magical racing inners, i also love their mirrors
  20. themominator

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    does anyone know A-TECH's website address??

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