96 GSXR 1100 frame comparison to 1st Gen Busa.

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    Just wondering for those experienced in building and specs etc, is there any similarity between the two??

    A guy I was talking to told me the swingarms and the forks are the same etc. Im not sure how true this is etc.

    The main reason I am asking is I am wondering if the rear shock from a first Gen busa will swap into my bike ( 96 gsxr 1100). The rear is sagging a bit now, its not too bad but definitely no two up riding.

    Penske sells a rear shock for my bike as well as the Busa. They rate both units at 7.00" in length howver the Busa has a much higher spring rate. Approximatly 100lbs more.

    I have attached a picture as reference to the shock that is mounted on my bike currently.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Jason Lyon
    Someone here will chime that will be able to help you out. Are you able to compare the top and bottom mounting tabs of both of the shocks?
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