2002 busting up at 3800-4000 rpm

Discussion in 'Busa problems' started by GaJoe, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. GaJoe

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    Not sure what's going on with my bike but on an easy accelleration she will bust up right when I hit 3800-4000 rpm and then it's done. It only happens when I ease the gas...under hard accelleration it doesn't miss a lick. If I am cruising and the rpms fall in that range it will bust up again until I get out of that range. Obvious answer is to not ride in that range (figured I'd say it before anyone else did). I'd like to rememdy it because it's prob. the forefront of another problem. After doing some research on here, I couldn't find anything that sounded like my problem. Bike has 14k miles, pc3, bmc air filter, brocks full exhaust, and brocks dyno tuned for 87 octane fuel.....after finding that out I went from 93 to 87 to try and clear it up and no luck.....a little sea foam through the tank and some lucas and still nothing. I changed the plugs, cleaned the filter, and still getting it. I'm going to take off the pump and inspect, and also the lines...hope to find the problem there. Anyone have any suggestions/comments?

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    Synch the throttle bodies first. From there, I'd think it might be the tune. Especially if it's only one engine speed/load point.

    Does it happen in every gear?
  3. BUBBA

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  4. GaJoe

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    ah, thanks. Yep, it happens in every single gear. It kinda stands to reason that it is the tune doesn't it. I'll get it re-mapped and post the results...also I'll have the t.b. synced.
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    What do you mean by " busting up" Lurching? Surging? What?
  6. GaJoe

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    well it almost felt like it hit the limiter...it would sputter right along that rpm range under an easy acceleration or cruising....I had the bike in the shop to get some things taken off one bike and put on mine...I asked the owner if while they were in there if they could sync my tb's and he said he would swap tb's from the other bike since it had no issues...my bike no longer has the issue so I have to assume the tb's needed to be synced. In any case, problem solved. Thanks.

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