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    Most of that looks like common sense to me.
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    Good find. [​IMG]
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    Trouble with speeding is most people are not capable enough at driving to handle their car at speeds over 110 mph. Not to mention, so many of the roads out there are not surfaced in a way to handle those speeds. Last but not least, most people's cars are not equipped with tires which are designed to handle speeds much over 100 mph for very long before they overheat and fail miserably. Lastly, if traffic is averaging 85 mph and a speeder is going well over that, it will eventually pose a problem and innocent people will die.

    I'm no goody two-shoes when it comes to speeding but I try not to be ridiculously stupid about it, either. I actually love it, though, when someone goes racing past me. They're going to get my ticket in any case!

    Speeding has a lot more consequences than a stupid speeding ticket!

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    pretty good read... I like #2 and #1 the best.

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