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Thread: Dry Shifting

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    Me and my buddy are having a discussion. We are trying to find out if dry shifting on a motorcycle does any damage to the transmission. if there are any mechanics or have an idea please give me an answer. thanks
    alex de los santos

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    what's dry shifting?
    If you mean shifting without a clutch under a load yes it will damage the tranny. you need to take the load off of it

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    is it not the same mechanical principal as a car?

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    alex de los santos

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    what does "dry shifting" mean anyway?

    dry has nothing to do with anything. The clutch is a wet clutch regardless of how you shift it. Whether you take the load off the tranny or not is a different story.

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    Upshifting or downshifting clutchless is harmless if done right. As long as you properly unload the tranny and preload your shift lever your GTG. If you are allways crunching gears or getting a jerky ride then you are doing it wrong, stop doing it until you get the technique down... It can make for some pretty damned fast, smooth shifts...
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