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    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that attended the m/g in Eureka Springs for making Me and my Family feel welcome. We had a great time. My sons had a great time riding. And for everyone that gave TY pointers on his riding,: I appreciate it.

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    He did extremely well in the curves! It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope to see you all there again next year.

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    hey, Ward! Didn't get to bid you or your family farewell, so....see you guys at the next one!! You and 'June' have done a great job with your boys, 'Wallie' was always pleasant to be around and 'the Beaver' looks like he's gonna be a surfer the way he can ride that board! Glad to have met you all and hope to do another ride with you all soon!
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    It was a pleasure to meet you & your family, Hope to see you @ the next MNG !
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    Very nice to talk with you again, and a very nice family you have there.
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    I LOVED your family. I'm so glad I got to meet them and have a grape fight the Beav and ride with Wally. Your wife is awesome!

    Glad you got to see me.

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    The boys have no choice now on screen names when they join the org.

    Kathy = June

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    You have a wonderful family Ward. Ty can ride that gixxer! Kevin had smile a mile wide getting to ride with Dad! Tell Kathy we said hello and we really need to meet up for dinner again.
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    It was great seeing you again Ward. Your family rocks...and Cathy is not near as big as you said
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