ZX12R to Busa


Just wanting to know how many of us have ever started on the kawi and realised it was not for them and found the best bike on the planet.
What iv'e read about the 02 ZX12..nuthin but all good!!
I have owned at least one each of Japanese Brands..Yam TX500
1974...30k..just loved it...dohc 4 valve twin, Then a 72 Honda 750.."Bullet Proof" , Same with the 78 KZ1000, Then came a Ninja GPZ900...40K miles...most all good, whatta ride in 1985.
Then the 88 GSXR1100...awsome for the time..nice to look at
and ran 10.76 et @ 128mph (now the new 600's do that) amazing. Then came the 89 FZR600..awsome ride with a fox shock..roadraced it at Infinion..91-92..sweet handler..after that i got old..and rode a Kawi Concours...40K..then got young again and own the BEST..Pure Love 01 Busa...8K to date. Have no plans to sell..I really like it..plus it does two up very well.I am Happy!! BuBy
My friend has a 02 ZX12 and we switch from time to time and I am always glad to be back on the Busa!!!
Yep test drove a zx-12 in 01' said I would buyt it if I liked it. I did not. Thus the name...
The things I didn't like.
Feels twitchy when hard on the throttle, bars tend to wobble a bit when when coming down from a wheelie, Busa feels more controlable.
Riding position is a little uncomfortable compared to the Busa.
Doesn't have the roll-on torque, I really like that about the Busa, gobs of torque.
Two up is terrible on a 12 and actually not that bad at all on a Busa.
Brakes are definately not as good on the 12.
The 12 kinda looks like all the other bikes out there, and the
Busa has a look all it's own.
Oh yeah, and who wants to play second fiddle right.
Me lova me Busa!!!!!!
oops.... i did not see this thread when i posted in the other one.  here is the link so as not to spam the board.

<== link to a massive road test included.
I did not like the feel and the fit. Just did not feel right to what I wanted. I did like the color. My favorite color is GREEN. Was not worth the money in 01' the new ones are a little better now. the dealer at the time asked me why I would want old technology in a Busa, when you have new technology that is going to kill the Busa. My reply after riding the zx was i will take the old technology that is proven to win.
There was a video in the vid section about the 2 Bikes. I too like the Candy lime green, Mike.
I also like the sound of a Kawi with pipes and if I could afford another couple of bikes I would probly have one in my garage but I still luv the Beast that already resides there.
I think Lo's sister has a green 12 maybe she'll let me sit on it at Laguna.