ZX11 efi turbo build


I started it up today ....ill make a video tomorrow
Well? It started but how did it run? What worked & fixes that didn't. I need smokey burnouts soon. Seriously want to find out how build works out routing for you.


thanks you'll

so far just started and idled good...and no leaks,and no oil coming out dump pipe...when I was trying to start,but wouldn't,it leaked some oil out dump,but I was sending oil to turbo,without siphoning oil out,it's not gravity drain,motor running returns oil...i was looking forward to and happy after it started,it didn't leak....so 4an line with no restrictor wasnt forcing oil past seals so hopefully stay that way

I had map sensor wired wrong at first....then this cheap sensor wasn't a 3 bar...looks like a 1 bar,cause I had it a 3,and key on,said 260kpa,100 it should say....i set it a 1 bar,and it read 90..at my elevation I think it's good,but I should get a genuine gm3bar.

I'm looking forward to a smoke burnout....but as much as I've worked on it,kinda want to baby it....and just cruise around....haha

ill go to Barnes & Noble...park it at angle so i can see the turbo while sitting in cafe. :)


I know what you mean....it is journal....i would agree if it had a good 10an gravity return....or a fast electric/mechanicsl pump....but my return line is syphoned by stock internal mechanical oil pump....it must syphon alittle slower than my -4an line delivers....so it has to find somewhere else to go....

...Mr turbo created the oil scavage mod on the zx11,and with the rayjay journal turbo they put on the kit...i believe they had a .062 restrictor on.

I got a .060 and a .080 ,I can drill out the 60 to maybe a .065 or .070


You should look to go to a -8 drain system before putting a restrictor on the journal turbo.
If you still have a problem at a -8 something else is wrong.


I have a 10an drain now.......but my siphon is slower than a gravity or a known mechanical pump drains......i believe my setup is outside that area were Garrett website says "normally" you don't need a restrictor for journal

but I will check it....thanks I think "if" I had a smaller 8an.....like mr turbo ran....it probably would had a higher pressure siphon on the stock return pump....but mine is pretty big....maybe why slower...

just thinking....ill check return flow rate.....and "match it" with oil feed


I think the zx oil pump is different flow rate

I do feel like putting a dual ball bearing turbo on,with .035 and forget about it.....lol


I had too much timing while idling... Around 40,i think it was my map sensor.... I had bought a gm "delphi" which are the ones made in China.... But it was my fault for wiring it wrong..(it read 260kpa when set at 3 bar, 89kpa set at 1 bar) it was broke...reading barometer pressure.... And I think throwing timing off.... I'll check new one today.I bought an American made gm 3 bar sensor...

Im pretty exited to ride and data log this week.... So far only startup and run in place

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