Zx10R being chased by a s1000rr

Looks like a fun ride! I miss riding in the canyons in Cali (nor cal) !
The guy on the camera bike is about as sloppy as it gets on the throttle.
Throttle Control Rule #1

x Once the throttle is cracked open it must me rolled on EVENLY, SMOOTHLY & CONTINUOUSLY throughout the remainder of the turn.
This applies to all corners on all motorcycles – not just for racing.

Keith Code: Twist of the wrist II
Positive change is a very good thing, not just for the motorcycle but includes the rider as well. However, lets not place the horse before the cart. Motorcycles have advanced in leaps and bounds since 1983 when we heard the first research between rider and motorcycle. Although motorcycles today are a masterful piece of technology, riders have not improved as a whole. We make the same errors and no more skilled than the rider from 1983. So ask yourself, have I improved the software to the point I can take advantage of these current technological wonders? If your machine has ABS brakes and Traction Control and you have never activated either except by accident then it has little value to YOU!

Read my signature line. This was true in 1983 and it is just as true in 2014!
Practicing the same errors for years does not mean you have years of experience.