Your stock OEM chain lasted 21,000 miles and it’s a “pos”?
From day one it was always lots of friction , very little tire roll when on stand . I wipe chain after every ride Kerosene , dry , lube . That is why it made 21,000 . Read somewhere Frank aka powerhose said the stock
RK chain was low tensile strength . 8000 lb?????? My brothers RK chain crapped out @ 4000 on his 2015 Hayabusa with same cleaning just he is 260 lb twisting throttle , and he let the chain get a touch lose .
Now with the EK the bird rolls easier , and the wheel makes more turns on stand with same force .
Chain tension is same 30 mm total travel at center from front to rear sprockets . Also there is no BLUE master link now ;) FYI My bird has be caught in several major rain storms , and same day clean / lube chain .


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I think I had that chain!:D I think mine lasted only 6-7,000 miles though. Changed it with sprockets and bright red cush rubbers. Made a helluva difference.


I put the Reds in my brothers bike holy cow it was a act of congress to get the cush drive in ! He took a video of me jumping on it . I still have the stock ones , but @ 23,000 they may be done even with mostly touring .
Not sure I want to put the HD red ones in as the pain in butt they are .
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