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Guys - need your advice cause I know you have done it....Came across a sweet deal last night and bought new Yosh RS3 slippons AND a Yosh FRS (whole header system with the tri-oval) for a few bucks from my local dealer .....

Question:  Which should I keep and put on my stock bike (have a TRE).   Don't want the cops to hear the bike coming miles away..but extra HP is always good.  Will the slip ons give good sound or is the FRS better all around?  I know this is really subjective...but a lot of you have done both. I'm not an all-out racer, but will bump the red-line from time to time. Your advice/experience is appreciated.

What ever I don't use will be for sale.

Are the slipons, the RS-3 RACE, or Zyclone?
The race mufflers sound sweet, the other is kinda quiet.
The bolt on muffflers take about 10 minutes to do and don't require remaping.
The full header takes a couple of hours and should be re maped.
The race mufflers and the full header should be about the same db, but neither should attract the cops too much.

Hope this helps
Hey Mike......the Yosh system, or bolt-ons are not terribly loud......but if it were me......the system for sure, you'll hardly make any ponies with the bolt-ons, and may make 8+ with the system if properly mapped. :beerchug: :thumbsup:
as most people say here after they put on the full exhaust... you will need the PCIII and a map, do the PAIR mod, and then void the warranty...
Thanks for the advice. Decided to keep the full race system and sell the slip-ons as the group recommended.