Your Bike History - In Photos

I never get tired looking at bike pics, so show me some of the bikes you have owned during your years. I have not had many bikes, but here they are.

First Bike was my V-Strom, great bike for learning on. Lacking in speed I wanted a sportsbike so I got my first ZX6R. I have loaned this to my dad :lol: I then bought a new ZX6R, only had it for 6 months, nice looking bike, but too small for me. Then I got my dream bike, I love it. Comfortable, sporty, tourey and drop dead gorgeous :laugh:




only two. kawasaki vulcan 900 classic that i had some fun with, and now my busa.

both went/have gone through a few paint jobs and i loved my ape hangers i installed

my cruiser loaded up on the trailer


two of my favortie shots of it with another previous paint job i did on it


and the busa when i brought it home

two weeks later i repainted it to this:

currently sits:
The R6 and GSX600R were once owned by good friends (loved them as if they were my own). The Ninja 250 belongs to a friend in Boston. The Busa and Katana 750 are mine.

ar6 012.jpg

agsxr 004.jpg


aprideride 002.jpg

aHayabusa 009.jpg
Are apehangers your bars, sorry for being a thicko :rofl:

Thants a cracking pic of you on the busa :thumbsup:
ape hangers are the handle bars on my cruiser. they were sitting at 18":thumbsup: very comfy and i loved em.

Thanks for the comment on the photo. it was taken by at the spring bash. that was my first time on the dragon. about 5 minutes later i had a near wipe out experience.....hey, i didnt go down so the dragon never bit me:rofl:

the fall bash i cant wait for, b/c i'll have pics of me and the wifey on the dragon. it'll be her first time. been trying to educate her on turns as best i can with our lack-luster roads here. haha
It's been a pretty linear road for me.

Started here,


Then this happened,


I didn't learn much, six days later,


They will top 180 stock with exhaust and airbox mods.

To now,


All fixed up, 45K miles on her and running great. I'll get another bike one day....maybe.

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