You have GOT to see this video!!!!!!!


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If you love bikes you have GOT to see this video I just found! Go to this link and scroll down to the next to last video. That is the sickest lil fugger I have ever seen! :super: Let me know what you think after you watch it.

Ooops. Bum link... try again.
I knew that they made cheap plastic ones but never knew about the gas ones. Now that's cool.
that thing is better balanced than I am!!! :)
better at the track too.... where's my sledge hammer?!?!?!
Awesome video. Think I may need to go sign up for some classes. Thanks for the link BT.
Holy cow that thing is awsome! Bet it takes some practice. Unbelieveable how that thing "squirts" between the corners,

that web site looks pretty sweet to, have to check out some of the other vid's
I thought ya'll might enjoy that site. LOADS of videos and some pretty interesting pics, too. Make sure you watch the German video called X-tremisten. It's a few pages past the one I posted. Some sick azz ridin' and other stuff! Crazy bunch of folks in it. :cool:
Yeah, Pimp, I started to ask, but I need to save my play money for that exhaust. ;) I don't even need to know where to get one of these. :drool:
Too cute.

Nice save from the high side towards the end. We should all be that good/lucky.

Gass On!
Awesome.......sacle speed 200mph.
I wonder if you can modify the suspension on it to change cornering characteristics.......or does it even have suspension??
either way.......very cool!!! :thumbsup: