You guys are the pros who know


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I dont do one piece on the street, but most of my ride is local.

At the track the one piece is the way to go.

Need more info on your style.


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I have not done any track days yet. My plans are to do them about once a month next year so that would mean maybe 4-5 times during the summer. I would be on the street much more than the track.


D' Colonel
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One piece on the street is a pain, expecially if you go to restaurants or anywhere else and then can't take off the top to cool off (talk  
about uncomfortable  
 ) . As for Alpinestars they are amoung the TOP brands and are extremely well made. For the Street get a two piece (just make sure the back zippers match and fit - last years Alpinestars had to be recalled - I KNOW I nearly bought some of their last run, but called first about the zipper fit) and for the Track get a one piece with knee pads