you gotta check this out..

today was my first day.. its only a temp job for a few weeks but its a pay check for now.. thanks for the support :beerchug:
All events have expenses... I havemt made a dime from HIH trust me... But the amount of organizing... Track time... Events and sponsorship... I couldnt rustle up the fun like scar has and it be free either.

I wish I hadnt missed the last two of these..:banghead:

But I can say that Chris puts a lot of time and effort into the organization of our "small" bash, so I can just imagine what Scar has to do for one that is much bigger.
Both events look awesome.. From what ive heard from other members Scar is a stand up guy.. Ive never seen him on the Org.. Ive only been hear for little over a year.. im Not gonna bash any Busa events.. nor im a gona pick sides. im not one to pass judgment on someone or there event's
I am intrigued but in august?/Ever been in vegas in August??Its fricken hottttt!!

Its in Reno..