yoshimura tri-oval stainless steel pipe


I just installed a Tri-Oval Stainless steel pipe on my Busa and after the dyno tuning session the pipe's color is turning to gold. I guess the dyno center did not have adequate cooling fans. I got very good performance though (MAX POWER=172.1 MAX TORQUE=105.2)
The only mods I have are the pipe and K&N filter.

My question:

Is there a polish or something out there that I can use to being back the original chromish color?

if you can find a product called Extreme clean will take care of it. Minimal effort needed. It comes in a shoe polish type plastic container.
The color change is normal and happens sooner or later with stainless. You really cannot polish it off that I know of.

But who cares, it looks normal and IMHO looks cool. Titanium changes color even more so with heat. In fact many companies now sell pre-heated versions that are color changed on purpose just for the look (like Micron). Titanium turns a nice purple-ish rainbow after use (or if pre-hested at the factory).

The reason that your can/pipe have not discolored so much before is probably that you never had the engine running at redline so it never got that extremely hot like it would on a dyno. Where it gets the hottest is where it will change the color the most. Just take a look at the headers and see what color they are compared to the can (assuming they are stainless or titanium). See what I mean?

But again, no big deal, it is normal.
I like all the pretty colors, hell take a Torch to it with a real wide flame and color them yourself. Shoul dbe able to get some blues, and reds and such...I like the look, keeps it from looking like a trailer queen.
Thanks for all the replies. I took another look at the bike today and the gold color of the pipe goes with the rest of the bike. I have 02 all black SE.

Thanks again.
The extreem will polish out most of it , but it will come back time and time again .So be ready to polish your ass off if you want it to stay shiny . I say just ride the bitch
I like the color...The more the better...Really ryda's have colored pipes... :devil: