Yoshimura Fuel Adjustment with Adjuster Box

I first puchased my Hayabusa back in April of 99, and immediately upon its arrival I also had purchased both the Yoshimura RS-3 Carbon full system and Yosh adjuster box. I received both with notes warnig me that these were still proto- type models since the bike was so new. Well I installed the exhaust and it fit great and Ive had to figure out how to use that box since everything was so new then. The only other mods I had made to the bike were small airbox mod and air cleaner. Ive had the bike dynoed and came back with a 172.3 rwhp rating. But I was told that there is a flat spot in the midrange. Does anyone know where (website??) to find out how to use the box better??

PS- I remember coming to this website back in 1999 when it was run by others. Back then, we were only a handful, glad this site has become what it is today.

I think that you are reffering to a "Clicker Switch".

My suggestion would be to have it Dynoed again, and have the tech click it for you.

Or, get a Yoshi EMS, or a PC3, with a pre loaded map.

You probably already know this, just my .02.


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