Yoshimura Exhaust System


I have been offered a complete Yoshimura 4-2-1 Exhaust system for $672.31 + tax.  The system is model number 1120065.  It is Brand New (never installed).  It has a Stainless Steel header with Stainless Steel TRS Tri-Oval Can.  I have never heard this system on a Hayabusa.  Is this a good price?  What kind of sound should I expect?  I am looking for a deep throat sound to compliment the look of the Busa.  I would appreciate any and all feedback from anyone with experience in regard to this system.  Thanks, Bob

I can't speak to the 4-2-1 with regards to sound, but it is generally accepted that the Yoshi pipes are the the most mellow.

They don't produce that raspy sound that say a M4 or D&D would.

I have the Yoshi RS3 Carbon fiber Slip ons and they have the deep throaty sould that you are describing. I think that they are very mellow, but louder than the stock cans.

But they will "talk to you" when you really rip the throttle, but not in an offensive way, like a a D&D. D&D's are just plain LOUD. (Not to bash people that have D&D pipes)

My buddy has a M4 4-2-1, and it is very raspy at speed.

My .02 cents.

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Thanks for the replies.  There once was a post here on the .org which listed various Yosh systems and prices.  I can not find it now.  Does anyone know where it went or if this $672.31 is a real good price?  Bob
My partner has the yosh full with the tri oval can on his Busa and it will shoot a flame about a foot long if he revs it hard.......sounds great too!
From my experiences with Yoshimura. The 4-2-1 systems are fairly loud. Mellow, but a good grumble. The tri-ovals are even louder than the ovals. Trust me, you will like the sound you get from the 4-2-1 tri-ovals.

I have a Yosh RS3 race, stainless. It has a deep sound when accellerating or blipping the throttle, but has an annoying resonance at a steady speed. I wouldn't buy another Yosh. The finish is top quality. The next exhaust I would like to try is one called Black Widow. That name alone sounds like it belongs on a Busa. Unfortionally they don't make one for a busa yet.
I have a friend with that system, and the price sounds good. I have the Hindle 4-2-1, and it is very deep, even idle. I'd recommend this as well, but they do sound nice with the rpm's up. Enjoy.