YOSHI Stage 1 cams

So I've got some money burning a hole in my pocket and I was looking at those yoshi stage 1 cams. Does anybody have them or have any solid data on them? My mods at this point, TRI Trioval full system, pc3, K&N, and Brisk plugs all on a custom map. I love my bike as is, but it would be sweet to say I have Yoshi cams.



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No experience with the cams, but I Can tell you the correct way to spell duel is D U A L unless of course your exhaust cans are fighting each other... Just bustin' your chops ... welcome "abored"


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i am also interested in these cams , how hard the install is ? and are the yoshis goin to give more hp/torque than say web / dual intake ? or am i missing another option?
I'll give you guys what I know( form working at the shop) in simple terms.......the cams are worth it......depending on mods done already you can make anywhere from 5 to 15 hp (depending on cam timing also) plus the yosh cams also have the same base cicrle as stock, so most of the time you don't have to adjust valve shims. I have a set that is pretty close to the Yosh cams in mine & love it( mine are Web's) plus the yosh cams you won't need to replace valve springs.....just drop them in & time the cams to you want's/ needs & away you go.....more power.......any other questions....PM me

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Thanks for the info. Any idea on how much a set of these run? Do they come with adj cam gears or is that extra?



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well last ive seen they were about $600. why dont you look into the Brocks cams. they have a custom exhaust cam that can produce almost the same amout of hp and tq. just go to their site plust i they are suzuki parts so they fit just right. when i get the cash im gonna go with those. Remeber its not always the parts that get the best hp its the tunner.

thats my .02


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what kinda time for the install, what needs to be removed , is this you need to dropp the engine? or can it be done from under the tank ?


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what would these cam's do to a turbo setup? Weaken or strengthen the motor for the extra stress?


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GiPro-ATRE/HMF Dual Lows/SABM/RAIT/PC3USB & Yosh Cams ..... all set up and getting tuned next weekend.

Let ya know where it all ends up... I just hope the weather is cooperative.
You won't be getting up to 15 additional HP from little Yosh cams unless your existing Power Commander map is already robbing you of HP.

Assuming you already have a fully optimized Power Commander map for your existing mods; if you were to simply add Yosh cams, realistically, you could only expect to make an additional 4 to 8 peak HP depending upon their lobe centers.

Realize that the little Yosh cams offer very little improvement in lift (just .009†over the OEM intake cam and only 10 degrees more duration), so 15 HP due solely as a result of the Yosh cam install is a bit rambunctious/over-stated.

OEM Intake cam:
Lift = .345"
Duration = 234 degrees

OEM Exhaust cam:
Lift = .294"
Duration = 214 degrees

Now the little Yosh cams...

Yosh Intake cam:
Lift = .354"
Duration = 244 degrees

Yosh Exhaust cam:
Lift = .307"
Duration 230 degrees

I would install a 2nd OEM intake cam on the exhaust side before I’d waste my money on a set of meak/mild Yosh cams, as the OEM intake cam on the exhaust side would yield slightly more duration and much greater lift than the Yosh exhaust cam.

If insisting upon installing a set of cams that make a difference, I’d install a set of Web .378â€/.330†cams (I’ve been using these Web cams for the past 27,400 miles now with no issues). I also installed APE Performance Valve Springs, APE Titanium Retainers to provide adequate “valve free travelâ€, and APE Adjustable Cam Sprockets and degreed the cams at 105 Intake, 107 Exhaust. I also installed at that same time, higher compression 12.3:1 stock bore JE pistons. It pulls great from idle to redline and that’s why I can use taller gearing than stock. When I made these mods years ago, I didn’t have the extra $500 to have the cylinders shipped out, bored and replated, so I simply threw in the stock bore higher compression pistons to improve low-end HP. The higher compression JE pistons improve HP throughout the engines RPM but the higher compression really makes itself apparent at low RPM compared to 11:1 stock compression pistons. I always highly recommend that if you are going to install cams, make them work for you and also install higher compression pistons even if they’re only higher compression stock bore pistons. 13:1 stock bores are ideal for this cam combo.
um... Dual Intake Cams and JE 13:1 JE Pistons.... YUM!!!!

Cams, Pistons, Wrist pins and Adjustable Sprockets for....

1397CC 84MM 13:1 JE $512.00
APE tool Steel Wrist pins $84.95
Intake Cam w/ 2 Adjustable Sprockets 351.50

$949.00 w/o Labor or TAX
(GSXRme @ Sep. 26 2006,16:59) um... Dual Intake Cams and JE 13:1 JE Pistons.... YUM!!!!

Cams, Pistons, Wrist pins and Adjustable Sprockets for....

1397CC 84MM 13:1 JE $512.00
APE tool Steel Wrist pins $84.95
Intake Cam w/ 2 Adjustable Sprockets 351.50

$949.00 w/o Labor or TAX
I'd still throw in a Web .378" intake cam with that OEM intake cam on the exhaust side. It'll make the sucker inhale far better at higher RPM.

I would think it possible to purchase just one billet Web intake cam although, I've never actually tried. (I purchased the set of billet Web cams .378"/.330"). The Hayabusa's OEM intake cam has better lift and durations than the Web's exhaust cam, so the OEM intake cam on the exhaust side in combination with the Web .378" intake cam offers the better caming combo.

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