Just checking with the all knowing BUSA flyers.  I talked to a dealership that has there RS-3 on spring special.  The guy said I would also need the PCIIIR installed.  They said they can't remap the 02.  I was wondering is, the PC needed or are they looking to get an extra $400 for the PC.  I am pretty sure I will need the bike remapped, if possible.  I guess I am just trying to make sure before sinking $1200 to the dealership.  Hopefully Mike hasn't sold the RS-3 yet.  That's a savings of 99.99 there.  Thanks GUYS.
Are you able to install the Rs yourself? I did mine but it takes a few hrs. Also for the PC3R you could probly find a better price than that, the PC3 I've been told has little difference from the "R" version especially with street riding and is about $50 cheaper. If you dont install a PC or something similar you tend to run rich and you will get popping or even backfire. Thats what happened with me. Try seaching some of the magazine adds. www.starcycle.com has pretty good prices.
Jus my 2 cents.
Are you getting a full system or just the mufflers? With just a set of cans you shouldn't need to remap it.
I plan on getting the full system, and the guy at the dealership said they can't remap the '02, they can only put a PC in there.
I got a set of RS-3 Carbons from eBay, once I get them they will go right on. I couldn't pass up the price, plus if I decide to get the full system later on, I will just resell the Carbon slip-ons here or eBay.