Yosh rs3 race vs. rs3 zyclone

hey guys, I have not heard the noise differance between the Yoshimura RS3 race can and the RS3 zyclone cans on a Busa, performance not being the issue here, is the race alot louder than the zyclone? and is the zyclone much louder than stock?
the price is the same and they look identical but I just dont want to much noise.
My intentions are to polish the frame, swing arm and wheels on my 02 ,and the yosh RS3 stainless steel cans have the look I want, and also look well constucted.
Please give me your opinion if you've herd both these cans. THANKS !


Hey CurtisT, I have the yosh rs-3's they're not too loud at all they give the bike a very nice sound not too loud not too soft a nice sportie rumble as for the zyclone I haven't heard them. Are you doing 2 into 2 or 4 into 1? I have a blue/silver 2000 with the carbon fiber rs-3 I love the the sound and if you take a passenger they dont get too hot.
I have the race slip ons, They are not loud, they are to quiet for me.  If you are doing slip ons you might want to go with D&D or two brothers.  If you are going full sysytem you might want to go HMF, Acro, or something like that
To answer your question Jetset, Im just puting slip-ons.
but when you say you got the RS3's there's two types you can order- RS3-race or RS3-zyclone.....they are identical in looks, but internaly they must be different. do you guys recall what type you ordered? they both come in ti, stainless and carbon.


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Got my RS3's in Race as well.  They come alive about 6k on the tach but are to me anyways as quite as stock up until then.  You notice it when you start them and when you get the RPM's up.  GO WITH THE RACE!!!

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