Yosh Rearsets


I can see an inch up, but only 1 inch back from stock position is minimal to me. I have some custom rear sets on a '79 GS1000E that have you sitting like you are riding a horse with an English saddle. An English saddle is the one with the rider's boot heels planted in his *** , right?

What is MIKUNI asking for there sets?
Mikuni are just over $650 (I'm sure that include shipping and dealer setup :)), yes still more expensive but at least I won't see the same old thing on another bike.

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Yeah thats what I want to do, spend 700.00 to ride like a horserace jockey with my legs up my *** . But hey, I wont see them on any other bike.Right?
Sorry omega, the mikuni parts do not change the original stock location for the foot pegs. But then again it $700 is so much why should you worry....
How many positions are available for the Mikuni sets?
$650 is steep. I can almost buy another pipe.
I can get a set of rear sets for about $350 made of billet aluminum. I would tell you where, but not until I secure a set for me. They will be the first set sold here.
Look fantatstic.
Who else makes em?
Personal taste, they are pretty but the busa is already plagued with lack of legroom as it is. Anyone know that the R1 has more? I have an idea of my own for the stock pegs that would look better than factory and be flush like the cutting mods we've done. Stay tuned.