Yosh Exhaust Remap


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Have opportunity to buying a Yosh system (header and RS3 can). Do I need to have a remap to make the bike run right? Don't want to spend the money on a PCIII right now. Going to remove/plug the PAIR when the headers go on. No other mods to the bike except TRE. I'm not a racer and don't want the bike to give me eratic running problems if I add the header system. I do have an option just to buy the the RS3 slip-ons. Advice appreciated.

If you go with a full system then you'll need to remap to get the best performance. The slip-ons will give you sound but little performance increase and no real weight savings, but no need to remap. So it really all depends on what you want to do and how much you want to spend
Speak for yourself about the bolt-ons. I installed the rs3 bolt-ons and immediately saw a noticable increase in performance and drivabilty. The info that came with the bolt ons shows a 5hp increase on a dyno , and 8-9hp with the full system.