Yosh ems or pcIIIR


I've had my busa for about 3 months now and have 4000 miles on it. I put a K&N filter and Yosh RS3 Carbon 4 to 1 on it. It is backfiring when I let off the gas. I'm looking at getting a pcIIIr to fix the problem. I have a 03 black and silver busa. What is the best thing to fix it?

I also did not remove the pair valve when I put the exaust on. Is it worth it to take it all back apart just to take that off?

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I have a 4:2:1 tri-oval titanium yoshi exhaust sys. Mine also backfired when it was first installed, but I noticed that the idle rpms were lower. I adjusted the idle rpm in accordance with the owner's manual, and it hasn't backfired again!! What's your bike idling at??
Also, i have the stock air filter and no adjustments to the computer(ie no pcIII, stock fuel/air mapping)
Is there a way to block the PAIR without having to take the pipe back off. Since I have put it all back together or do I have a good bit of work ahead of me?
The PAIR ports are just above the exhaust ports. There are two nuts that hold the PAIR lines on. It will be a tight fit but you can get at it without removing the exhaust pipes. The PAIR pump is between the pipes and the block and is bolted onto the block with two bolts. You can get at all of it by removing only the side fairings. First cut the rubber lines (4) going from the pump up to the ports. Then unbolt the port plates and remove and toss the port lines. Replace with the block-off plates. Then unbolt the pair from the block and pull it. There will still be two lines connected to the PAIR from the Airbox and throttlebody. Get some rubber/ flexible plastic caps at the autoparts store to plug the sources for these two lines. They are about 1/8th inch and 1/2" in diameter.

It is not a really big job if you know how to pull the farings quickly. That will take the most time.
install a ball bearing or marble in the air hose on the rear Rightside of the airbox.
That will verify to make sure the Pair is causing the backfire.
Then get the plates or mod it
Any one know where the best place is to get the PAIR plate covers that mount on the block? I'm in need of some.
Put a marble in the PAIR and can't believe how much it helped. Tomorrow I plan on pulling it out. along with changing the oil and the front sprocket. I'll let you know how it goes. any good Ideas on how to pull it out without taking off the pipes?
Ordered the PAIR removel kit today. Hopefully it will be as easy as above. Will let ya'll know how it turns out.

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