I have a modestly-modded '03 silver/gray...I've now gotten everything done to it that I felt it needed to be top-notch for my riding needs (commuting, hooning on weekends, and the occasional track day):

- SS brake lines w/EBC HH pads
- Metzler Sportec M1s
- Frame sliders
- ZG double-bubble windscreen (I can see my gagues now!)
- Dual 4.7k HIDs
- LED gear indicator
- Ventura rack system
- Trip computer & thermometer
- eTrex Vista GPS w/bar mount
- Dual (vinyl, low maintenance) Corbin seats w/backrest for my sweetie

...Now there's plenty more I *could* do to this bike, but it's *there* right now, right this isntant. It doesn't *need* anything to be perfect for me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go do some contracting hours to pay off the credit cards :type: .

PS: Anyone else going to the ReDuc track day on the 27th?