Yet another reason to wear your gear.


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Went to visit my cousin in AZ this past weekend.

She has a crushed lava driveway which was pretty loose. Also, it's a particularly long driveway. As I pulled in, I was very carefully working hard to keep the bike upright as I plowed through the crushed lava. Going that slow, it isn't particularly easy, of course.

During the entire time, their family dog had been barking her fool head off from the moment I first appeared. At the next to the last possible minute, when I was completely focused, she finally launched herself out and bit my left leg, right above the boot.

Well, with the leather gear, it was apparent that I'd been bitten but what would have been a bloody mess in levis was barely felt on the leathers.


The only thing that made me mad was the fact that I was too focused on keeping the bike upright to be able to kick the crap out of her for biting me.

Oh, well. No damage to me, no damage to the dog. We kissed and made up the next day!




Glad to hear you and the bike are ok. Good job on keeping focus. As long as the dog couldn't bit through the leathers. There was no need to loss focus on keeping her upright. I honestly can't say if i would have tried to make it through the lava gravel.

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