Yet another Noobie

So, just got a 99, tore it down and had a lot of fun figuring out what the past few owners have totally screwed with. If I didn't get a good deal on it I would be pretty pissed.

Anyhow, now that Ihave been through alll the maintanence B.S. I am driving it from Colorado to Cali in well about 3 days

Just wanted to post and introduce myself in a very vauge intenet way.

(Red05 @ Oct. 04 2006,11:01) Welcome! Nice Busa
. We look forward to the pics
. What part of California are you headed to?
Headed through Moab Utah, then to LA, doown PCH to San Diego. I'll be hanging out n San Diego for a few then through Arizona to Santa Fe and back to CO... about a 9 day trip total....

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