Yesterday,she ran gr8


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Registered stalled out on a low speed,first gear intersection left turn . was was kinda crudy to start a couple of times
and third...and the most scary...I was blasting out one of my favorite backroads ,nice straight strectch , gunning it hard, goin from first to second, tach hits 9 grand,BLAAAHH,motor dies for a second,just about sends me thru the screen (hee hee hee) , back off with the go-faster button (throttle) power comes back . Its idling like crap, and is all herky jerky . Sounds an' feels like fuel starvation, but I can't find anything . its a Y2K with 15,000 kilo/9,000 miles . Only 1 mod . Home made TRE . Any idea's men

I hate askin' for tech advice , I've been wrenchin' my own stuff for 20+ , but new to fuel-injected bikes .
thanks men .
When was the last tune-up?
I would check the TRE, were the wires soldered? Maybe you have a loose connection.
The symptoms are fuel-related. Pop the tank and first check your fuel lines, are they kinked or show any signs of deterioration. Did you fill-up in the past day?

If the problems persist after checking those things, you will need to check the pump and filters. 2000 should not have the pump problems, but you never know. Get a service manual if you have not already and flip to section 4 to the pump assembly removal and pump disassembly. Check the pump screen, regulator screen and fuel filter. Check the four injector screens. Check the tank petcock screen. If the pump screens are clogged with metal, your pump is failing. If the regulator screen is clogged, this will prevent proper pressure which will make the engine run poorly.
Rubber don't feel bad man mine is in the shop right now for the same problem, I changed the fuel filter that was not the problem. I have had this problem off and on since the bike was new I have 30000 miles on her now and this will be the third pump. The first time the dealer replaced the whole fuel delivery system hoses,fuel rail,filters, pump did not have the problem for quite a while then it started,well it just died. Replaced the fuel pump. That was about 12000 miles ago now here we go again! I was pissed because I wanted to go to Vegas.
good advice gentlmen.....the fuel lines , replaced 'em shortly after getting the bike . The filters,will look at that this weekend . All good advice . Couldn't make the freakin' thing do it today . Which ACTUALLY bothers me more . I hate INTERMITANT PROBLEMS . They're the worst .
Thx again men . I'll keep ya posted , if yer interested.