Yes, i need a manual, but in the meantime...


I'd like to replace the magneto cover on the bike.  I went out and loosened the screws, and oil (I'm pretty sure it's oil) is dripping out at the bottom of the magneto cover.

1.  Is this normal?  
2.  Is there any other pitfall about taking off the cover and putting the new one on that I should know about?

(really wish that manual was here)

Thanks for any help.
Hey Bosch send me an email with your address you can download the manual from me or I can burn it to a cd for you my email I have KAZAA and Direct connect so you can download it from me too
Race24, you are The Man!  
  (I sent you e mail)

And yes, I have a new seal for it.  The bike is due for an oil change, so this works out pretty well.

However...  the mag cover is proving reluctant to come off.  I can get it evenly pulled away from the engine case about 1/4 inch, but then it feels like it's being held there, spring-loaded or something.  I do NOT want to force it off and get something out of whack.  Other than the wiring harness at the rear of the mag cover, what's inside that is holding it from coming off?  

It's a strong magnetic field holding it on. You won't be able to simply slide it, so either pry or pull it, making sure not to go too far and pull on the wires too much.

Also, get a tube of Ultra-Black silicone or equivalent as you'll need it for the wire grommet.
Thanks Narc.

Looking at the new cover, I see there's three or four tapped holes in the center (on the inside of the housing). What threads into those? Again, this is where the manual is needed.

I haven't pulled it off far enough to be able to observe what's threaded into there.

Sorry Bosch I havent checked my AOL mail yet I will get your address and send you out a copy and I will post that page on hayabusa .org tonight maybe that will give you a temp fix
Those are what hold the actual magneto. It's a cylinder with copper windings (the same as an alternator, electric motor, etc.). That then slides into the magnet piece installed on the engine.