I have been still getting a few inquiries about the PURE <span style='color:darkred'><span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'>YELLOW HIGHBEAM BULBS</span></span>that I was fortunate enuff to get manufactured in the past to go with the HID setup.  I wasnt able to get anymore until TODAY!.

The company rep that I delt with in the past two orders, who had since left or was otherwise unavailable, cold contact called me today out of the blue.

He was pretty decent and said he was going thru the files and organizing all his old stuff back around when he saw my information.  He said he saw where I had signed a waiver with him on the previous orders and had attempted to get them to make a new run of bulbs and was declined due to the amount in the order not being 500 or more.  He said that the since he had returned and delt with me in the past that if I was interested he could get another run of bulbs made.  Made other coments about the person I delt with when I was told no..

SO!.  I probably just stepped on my own crank here and I took liberty and asked him run (40) forty bulbs off.  Im sure Ill end up with 35 of them but as before if anyone is interested in a pure yellow 65 watt 9005 (HB3) highbeam bulb that most people has seen already I will have them on hand to ship out probably next weds or thursday.  

Let me know who's interested.  I have till tomarrow to get more than 40 but not sure how many more run offs I will be able to get later.

Oh if someone has a pic to post for the newbies Id appreciate it.

Almost forgot. Email me at ICEMANN@AMERITECH.NET if your interested. Paypal = icemann@ameritech.net as well. Price is the same. Cost + shipping = $37.00.


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Sorry guys. Stock wattage is 65 watts. These are 65 watts. Price is cost + shipping to make it $37.00.

Added benfit....

When most people switched to HID the HID is so pure, with so much light that the stock highbeam looks pretty much like pizz as compared to the HID. If you put 100watt bulb in there it melts the sockets and still doesnt show up when you turn it on because the HID is so bright. The yellow bulb is pure yellow not a painted cheap bulb. Actual yellow glass. It cuts right thru the HID and is usefull. It also has that lexus look and contrasts the HID very very well. In the past I did it with my digital HID units kinda before HID was a big thang. I went thru a bunch of red tape to get them made and offered them at cost to whomever was interested. Several people wanted them again and I couldnt get any for bout 6 months. Pretty much it. Here is one pic. Ill try to find the rest.




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So this just fits in the stock set-up right? Is it physically brighter or is it just a color change?

Id assume the visibility at least changes to some degree...if so by how much?


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Sign me up Ice. I've been hunting and hunting for a Yellow HB3, and have had zero luck finding a decent Yellow bulb.

I'll be using my high beam as my low beam running light so a decent bulb is a must. Thanks, man.



I just emailed you, but I'll post here too.

If you can post up pics of the HID beam down a street only,

then ANOTHER pic with the high beam on WITH the HID that
will kinda help to see how good this bulb really is.

Also, as with any item I purchase, I want to know what kind of warranty is offered with the bulb against burnouts or whatever. If it was $10 I wouldn't ask......sorry to be a pain, I just think that info is important to know as a consumer.

That's just my .02

(not glaring against a wall cuz it doesn't tell us much)

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Hey no sweat on the pics.  There's enuff on this site alone to look at im sure.  Ref the warrantee.  The bulbs are at cost.  Manufacture is giving 90 days from date they ship it so no worries against defects etc.  I test everyone one of them before I ship them to ensure no headaches on your end as much as possible.  I WILL SAY THIS FROM EXPERIENCE.  Clean the bulb with an alcohol pad BEFORE you install it and DONT TOUCH it with your bare hands.  The oil from your hands will cause premature burnout leaving a "HOT BURN MARK" on the glass of the bulb itself.  They will not replace it as defective if that occurs.  Thats pretty standard though.

I guess you could ask everyone else about me.  Dont think you'll find a negitive responce.  Hope not anyway.  Im pretty much donating the time and energy so cant save you anything there.  See what I can drum up on the pics.  


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Yes I am interested. I had pm you about a month or 2 about this. Will send you email.


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interested but not in a position to get one right now, headin to CO in 6 days, can you hold one for me and I'll drop you the $$ when I get back in town?


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Ice, send me two and PM the address where I can send the check.

You da man!