Yana shiki or hot bodies undertail gen 1

Idk about the Hot bodies but Yana "chitty" doesn't have a good rep for making quality parts. A Lot of their stuff looks and feels cheap IMO :whistle:
Actually I have 1 but it's a custom job. Not sure where the guy bought the undertail from? But he wired up his own brake/turn signal setup. I think my brake light is off a gsxr 1000. It's 1 of the main reasons why I bought his used vs getting a brand new 1 from somewhere. It's unique and was already wired and ready 2 go
Was just wondering who has either undertail and which you perfer. Thanks for the help

Not much to pick from out there... Yana Shiki does sell some CRAP. But in this case I'd say they are ahead of HotBodies. The lights are slightly recessed on the Yana Shiki. And are not effected by the sun as much as on the HotBodies undertail. The one I got fit pretty well. And the color was a good match if you're concerned about that...