Yamaha R6 engine help


Last Sunday I was out with a couple friends to have breakfast in a place near Mexico City named Cuernavaca. Both my friends have R6's and I was riding the Busa. on the highway I open the throttle a little bit :whistle: one of my friends was left behind, the other was able to keep up but not for much... We have to pull over because his engine was making very very loud and stange noises, like metal hitting metal...

The engine is very well mantained (2001 "Champions" with 9k miles on it), with an oil change almost a month ago, Lucas additive. At first we tought it was the cam chain or the cam chain tensioner. Later we tought of a piston rod... But it just sound since 4krpm and up. I push the bike down to the city so he could have the engine off.

The bike runs good, it starts without hesitate. It doesn't make noises at idle but at 4k rpm or more it's like metal hitting metal. Oil level is good and the oil is in good condition. We search in Yamaha oriented forums but honestly, they're really crappy, all they suggest in similar events is to take them to the dealer :banghead:

So... What do you guys think is? Cam chain? Cam chain tensioner? Valves? piston rod? crankshaft? The bike starts and run fine but the noise is just horrible... Any tought would be much apreciated :please:

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