Y2K Busa Cut outs!! ...Yes they still do it ....HELP!!


My bike is down right now but correct me if I am wrong but if your bike dies like you stall it doesn't it read "check" due to the engine not running.
Also once you restart the bike cycle key on and off you lose the code untill it sets again.
I don't think they are blowing you off.
Remember you can't fix if everthing is working ok.


19/05/00 Just picked up my shiny new silver blue busa
and spent a whole day wizzin round the countryside enjoying life ( at the recommended break in revs) ....then after 180miles the damn thing dies.....trundling through along at 40mph and then nothing.....i look down to find "CHEC" in the headup display

call a friend who's a suzuki trained mechanic and he suggests click the bike into high gear then push the it to turn the engine...it may re align the sensors ...hey presto the fault clears!!! (for the time being)

I return the bike to my dealer where no fault is found

As of 23/05/00 Suzuki GB say they have no previous history of busa's cutting out!!

and basically don't give a damn!!

Anyone who has a clue on this please mail me


Yeah, shady_ady, was that 180 miles on 1 tank of fuel?

Most likely reason was fuel-level getting too low and thus momentary fuel-starvation.

OB_Felix Da Cat

Hey NumbNuts,

You absolutely kill me, hehe!! Good one, I really liked that one. LMAO.

No, I did not trailer the bike (hell, I'm still laughing). To give you an idea of what I'm getting out of my '00 Busa, here goes:

I've only had it 2 weeks, but I commute with this baby everyday, in all types of weather.

Picked up the bike with 1349km on the clock. The figures below are the distance travelled / amount of fuel to fill up / consumption litres per 100km / miles per US gallon

* tank #1 - 257.1 km/16.487 lts - 6.42lts/100km (44.51mpg)(reserve light comes on too early, IMO)

* Tank #2 - 305.8km/18.308lts - 5.98lt/100km (47.77mpg)

* tank #3 - 302.5km/17.592lts - 5.94lt/100km (48.06mpg)

# Tank #4 - 330.9km/19.692lts - 5.95lt/100km (48.03mpg)

I've only done 1000 miles in the 2 weeks with an average of 100km per day, but tomorrow morning I will go for a longer ride. I travel at +150km/h (max. 240 so far), except when I get peak hour traffic when I vary between 60 and 140. The consumption on this baby is better than my ZZR1100, but then again the Kawa was get on with mileage (80,000km - 70k in 2 years), ie. wear.

Keep smilling guy !! Gotta luv it. Later ...

OB_Felix Da Cat

Hi Shady,

I don't believe fuel starvation will be your problem. At that speed the bike has a good fuel economy. I get more than 200 miles (330km) on a tank, with still fuel (3-4 lts) left.

It could be an intermittent sidestand switch, even though it's new, it doesn't hurt to check. I've got the 00 too.

Ride safe pal, and enjoy it. It is a great bike.

PS. JC, if you read this post, please email me privately. I need to ask you some questions. pfelix@mweb.co.za Thanks


Well actually guys the solution was simple or not as the case maybe....having experienced the cut out problem on three occassions...the dealer rewired the aftermarket immobiliser system ( required in the uk by all insurers) into a different part of the ignition circuitry and the problem mysteriously went away..it certainly wasn't anythin to do with fuel or lack of it



So are you in miles or km's???

I think this is where the confusion lies....

(why US gallons?? whats wrong with good old Imperial UK gallons?? (or miles per litre, I can understand that!!!

Nuts ;)


As well as the side stand switch the tip over sensor can go arse up and cause cutouts as well.

Don't run the Busa ultra low on fuel or the fuel pump will get rather hot.

OB_Felix Da Cat

Hi NumbNuts,

We use the Metric system in SA, and I normally calculate Lts/100km or kms/lt.

Here go the conversions (thank goodness for programmable calculators)

* tank #1 - 257.1 km/16.487 lts or 6.42 lt/100km
15.58 km/lt
44.01 mpg (UK)
36.66 mpg(US)
9.68 miles/lt

* Tank #2 - 305.8km/18.308lts
5.98 lt/100km
16.72 km/lt
47.23 mpg (UK)
39.34 mpg(US)
10.39 miles/lt

* Tank #3 - 302.5km/17.592lts
5.94 lt/100km
16.84 km/lt
47.57 mpg (UK)
39.62 mpg(US)
10.46 miles/lt

# Tank #4 - 330.9km/19.692lts
5.95 lt/100km
16.81 km/lt
47.49 mpg (UK)
39.55 mpg(US)
10.45 miles/lt

I used the Hayney's manual with the formula, and this time I used the 3rd decimal point for what it's worth:
mpg x 0.354 = km/l
km/l x 2.825 = mpg

Either way, I'm still happy with the performance of the beast. Ride safe ....


I've got over 16,000 miles on my '99 BUSA and have had it cut out a couple of times. It just goes dead and coasts for awhile then starts back up on it's own and runs like nothing has happened. It only cut out twice in the first 15,000 miles. Recently it cut out four times on a 75 mile ride. I am going to install the fuel filter modification even though my bike is supposed to be OK with regards to the filter.
As a second issue, my gas milage has dropped to around 30mpg and the plugs are showing black. The ride where it cut out four times seemed to have 40+mpg. I have been traveling a lot for work the last several months & haven't had time to check the bike out. I do all my own work on the bike, the dealer even lets me do my own recall work(my choice). But if anyone has any suggestions on the source of the problem, I'd appreciate it if you let me know.

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