Ive been saying that all day with the current events. A guy just shot himself with a AR15 in the security line of a Texas airport. Who shoots their self with a AR? If you have an AR the chances of you having a hand gun are pretty good and that would be a much better alternative for suicide. In an airport? With a rifle? There is something wrong here.


Probably did it to make a statement.......... Plenty of people have committed suicide by handguns or even shotguns A la Curt Cobain, but this is the 1st ive heard of using an assault rifle :guns:
He used a hand gun to kill himself once confronted by an air Marshall. The ticket counters don't have a security check point so he walked in, popped off 2 rounds in the air with the AR, then offed himself. My phone is getting updates on this every few mins.

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