WTF is this?

Quicker Gixxer

I've never seen this this the exhaust of the future? Or just southern engineering? ???

Worlds ugliest dump pipe. :laugh: ? Probably just an' exhaust,looks like a big collector just inside the fairing. Also looks like there was a sale on muffler tape.:rofl:

Looks like it was dropped. Some fairing scuffage.

Looks like a gixxer mirror that is either folded in or bent.

Passenger footpeg hanger has been changed or powder coated.

Somebody drilled a hole in the side fairing above the kanji.???

One '07 going to shi7.

That looks like somebody that decided to build a turbo Busa and wasn't good at welding, decide to make an exhaust system...
Here's the sales pitch in the ad....

Hey ebayers, This bike is a dream. We are moving and will be listing many more items. As you can see this is an awesome looking bike. Must see and ride to really appreciate. There is some minor damage due to previous owner that can be seen in the pictures. We have kept all receipts and records. We followed all the maintenance schedules. Things recently completed: new tires, steering stabilizer, illusion lights, updatable programmer tune up, valve adjustment and carbon removal. We also have a nitrous kit for it. Also included is two helmets. Any more questions email us.

I'm so relieved to know the damage was at the hands of "the previous owner"....:whistle:
i see the "dumbing down" of america is having a trickling effect into our little world