WTB: Gutted factory SS mid-pipes

It ain't happenin Bro!
In order to GUT the MID pipes, they have to be cut.
This is what you get out of the middle of them.
Hmmm... And I thought the mid pipes were just tubing.  :super: This is the pipes that come out of the fairing and to the can bolt flange, correct?

If they have those things in 'em, then is a "slip-on" exhaust going to make more power than bolt-ons but less than full system? Enough difference with slip-ons to require a remap?

I wondered why companies would make slip-on kits for the busa if it was just pipe... Learn something new every day here!  
Yeah Train,
It's the pipe that comes out of the faring and bolts to the muffler. It shrinks down to a little over 1" inside.
Slip ons and bolt ons are 1 in the same, just a different term..
On a Busa, they are refered to as bolt ons, because they .....bolt on. :laugh:
ALL it is, is a replacement muffler. They give you only a couple of HP, but better sound.
MOST people think the Busa is fast enough and don't care about a performance gain, but that wanna sound more agressive.

NO absolute NEED to remap, but it don't hurt.
Yeah, I mainly want better sound, but I'd take the ponies if they were available at or around the same price as just bolt ons. But, yer sayin' that nobody makes a slip-on kit fer the busa, that replaces the mid pipes and the cans and leaves the stock head pipe?

This definitely explains why bolt ons don't give more HP tho. They are downstream from a worse restriction...

Either way, until my warrranty is up I ain't gonna change the head pipes. I'm gonna get cans for now. When the warranty is up I will prolly get a full exhaust and do some other stuff, just for fun.
Hey Train,
My local dealer said that a header will not void the warrantee.
Check with yours, because this was a few years ago.
YES, the Busa mufflers ARE downstream of a bigass restriction!
Well it that case. :sad:

I would like to buy a set of SS gutted mid-pipes as long as
the welding to put the the tubes back together is very clean.

Then I'll have them chromed.