Wow... I Got A Message To Check The Board... Hard To Believe...


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Allow myself to introduce myself... To those not in the know, I'm Yamahor, ex icon and all around hilarious guy. Now that we know each other... Good bye. I know I haven't been around much in the past few years (maybe more than a few) but it's nice to know my seat in the corner is kept warm with friends still here (still waiting on that fresca Vabs) and memories of friends we've lost... People I never would know if not for here. I got a message to check the board this evening, and I hear the site is closing. Understandably, it doesn't pay for itself anymore... I understand it's not closing ASAP, but it's a bit of a hit... I'll always remember meeting some of you at the bash. Getting told by some their goal for the bash was to meet me and take a picture (for those that don't know, I was plastered all over the site with jokes, stories of changing oil with gmbusa, photoshopped pictures, etc... I was famous... Ish... Kinda... Maybe) , mrninja almost hitting the Suzuki reps car when he wrecked on a pocket bike, seeing water squirt out of the spark plug holes of a 600 someone decided to take for a swim... And watching it run later that day... The stories I have from here will forever be with me, as will the friendships. Anyone I knew that wants to add me on FB, please send a friend request.
Alas, things change, and people move on to other things. Cap, thanks for the board and the friendships. I love y'all, and I know I'm not on much anymore since I've gotten out of motorcycles to an extent, but this will always be the birthplace of Yamahor.
Ben, get your own Fresca!!! You'd think you'd learn by now....

And thanks for the reminder of some stories I'd many laughs and great times, glad you were on that ride to help fix my ex-husband's ride after his crash in the mountains. You kept that entire day tolerable at a time when it felt completely and Martin, miss those rides.