wouldn't believe it if I didn't do it myself!


I took my girl on a ride today! I'm 330 lbs and she is 130 lbs. Just me her and the busa with miles of country road! I'm used to riding a 2000 ZX1200 it doesn't wake up till about 8000 RPMs. So old habits die hard. Just out of habit I'm revving my 06 hi between gears and it's jumping forward with every shift! I still have throttle left and it's climbing! I look down and we are at 150mph and still going! I back off for curves and I can't believe how this thing had no problem going that fast with both of us on it! I used to think all of the talk about the busa was hype but my 06 has made me a true believer! This bike is everything they say they are! :laugh:
Yeah she will get up and go. Believe me I am a big guy too and with me and my wife riding two up and she pulls like a mule and climbs up there in speed like I am the size if a jockey.
Lol there are some back in my old forums of her on my old Busa. I plan on a photoshoot on the new one when I get a chance.