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There are those moments in life when someone tells you something that you should take as gospel. This is one of those times!

The Purple Crayons DO NOT taste like grapes
Did you forget your meds today?

All I know is "don't eat the yellow snow"

What the heck! I am punchy because I am getting ready to leave my hotel for the airport to catch my flight back home. I might get a ride in this evening! I have business trips just about every week so I am always flying somewhere and going home is such a thrill. Especially, knowing my Busa is waiting for me. Oh and my GF is coming over this evening too....wink, wink! Oh, and I think I am gonna get a haircut too! Those showers after a haircut are the best!

Hey, thanks for the Yellow snow warning too! With winter coming, one can never be too careful...

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Take the blue pill, no wait, the red one...no, blue...awww, just pop 'em both!

I was just picking at you...it's my job here you know...

Hope you're back home soon and get that ride in
I hear them there blue pills will make one a real "stand up" kind of guy! Any truth to that?